Mission statement

The Dream & Nightmare Laboratory, established in Montreal's Sacré-Coeur (Sacred Heart) Hospital in 1991, is dedicated to the scientific study of dreaming and its disorders, to the training of graduate students, researchers and health professionals in the techniques and applications of dream science, to the development and deployment of proven methods for treating dream-related health problems, and to public education about the important role dreams and nightmares play in psychological life.


The DNL is part of the Center for Advanced Research in Sleep Medicine (CARSM), one of the largest and most comprehensive clinical sleep research facilities in the world. This Center is itself part of the larger Research Center of the Sacre-Coeur Hospital and an affiliate of the Universite du Montreal.

The DNL consists of a 2-bed sleep laboratory equipped for all-night polysomnographic recording, psychophysiological assessment (e.g., EMG, EEG spectral analysis, HR analysis), sampling and analysis of dream mentation, and the testing of cognitive and emotional processes. Dream samples are collection with a spectrum of methods: laboratory awakenings, home logs, interactive voice mail, questionnaires and internet surveys.


Tore Nielsen, Ph.D., Psychologist – Professor of Psychiatry, U Montreal & Lab Director
Tyna Paquette, M.Sc. – Research Coordinator, Hôpital du Sacré-Coeur de Montréal
Christian O'Reilly, Ph.D. – Postdoctoral trainee, biomedical sciences, U Montreal
Jessica Lara-Carrasco, M.Sc. – FRSQ, CIHR fellow; Ph.D. student in Psychology, U Montreal
Elizaveta Solomonova, M.Sc. – SSHRC fellow; Ph.D. Student, Individualized program, U Montreal
Isabelle Godin, B.Sc. - CIHR fellow, Ph.D. student in Psychology, U Montreal
Claudia Brassard, B.Sc. – Ph.D. student in Psychology, U Sherbrooke
Michelle Carr, B.Sc. - M.Sc. student in Biomedical Sciences, U Montreal
Gaelle Dumel, B.Sc. - M.Sc. student in Psychology, U Montreal
Kadia Saint-Onge, B.Sc. – M.Sc. student in Psychology, U Montreal
Vickie Lamoureux-Tremblay – NSERC fellow; Research assistant, B.Sc. student in Psychology, U Montreal
Louis-Philippe Marquis – Research assistant, B.Sc. student in Psychology, U Montreal
Sylvie Rompré – Technician in Medical Electrophysiology
Benoit Adam – Technician in Medical Electrophysiology

Recent Trainees

Nathalie Voarino: Undergraduate studies, Université d’Aix-Marseille, France (2012)
Eva Bezinger: B.Sc. Psychology, U Ottawa (2011)
Amy Graham: B.Sc. Psychology, McGill (2009)
Arianna Amato: B.Sc. Psychology, McGill (2009)
Wenya Miao: B.Sc. Psychology, McGill (2009)
Jennifer Gutberg: B.Sc. Psychology, McGill (2009)
Vanessa Bujwid: B.Sc. Psychology, McGill (2009)
Christine Brochu: B.Sc Psychology, U Montréal 2007
Vanessa Guérin: B.Sc Psychology, U Montréal 2007
Kieran Fox: B.Sc Psychology, McGill University 2007
Marie-Ève Ross: B.Sc Occupational Therapy, U Montréal 2007
François Rabbat: B.Sc Psychology, U Montréal 2007
Josiane Perron: B.Sc Psychology, U Montréal 2007
Aïda Annick Ndiaye: M.Sc. Psychology, U Montréal 2007
Amine Osmani: B.Sc. Biology, McGill University 2006
Anna Polotskaia: M.Sc. Psychiatry, McGill University 2006
Geneviève Bourdeau: B.Sc. Psychology, UQAM 2006
Sandra Dallaire: Ph.D. Psychology, U Montréal 2006
Gabrielle Maliha: B.Sc. Psychology, U Montréal 2006
Olivier Jaar: B.Sc. Psychology, U Montréal 2005

Recent Alumni

Ani Popova, B.Sc. – Implemetation analyst (2010)
Philippe Stenstrom, Ph.D. - Application Developer (2011)
Katia Levrier Wynant, M.Sc. – Ph.D. student in Psychology, UQAM (2010)
Valérie Simard, Ph.D. – Assistant Professor in Psychology, Université de Sherbrooke (2010)
Sébastien Saucier, M.Sc. – Information Tech, Sacré-Cœur Hospital Research Center (2007)
Maria-Josée Esposito, Ph.D. – Assistant Professor, U Bologna (2001)
Tomoka Takeuchi, Ph.D. – Assistant Professor of Research, Psychiatry, U Montreal (2006)
Antonio Zadra, Ph.D. – Assistant Professor, Psychology, U Montreal (1999)
Anne Germain, Ph.D. – Assistant Professor, U Pittsburgh (2005)
Isabelle Raymond, Ph.D. – Author, Pharmaceutical Rep (2006)

Recent Collaborators

Elena Frantova, BFA – Web site developer; M.Comp Sc. student, Concordia U
Sarah Fuller, BFA - Photographer